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MTO Resources


Here you will find a variety of training resources you can use to serve your needs.  It is our desire to provide these training resources to assist missionaries in their area of service with basic guidelines for simple medical procedures.


These MTO Resources are protected for our members only.  If you need access to the MTO training resources, you may request an access password with our contact form.


Request MTO Access/Password Here

Below are links to MTO Resources:

MTO Training Videos (Password Required - Request Here)


Fact Sheet:  Zika Virus (PDF - Free Download)


Book:  Where There is No Doctor (PDF - Free Download)


Book:  Where There is No Dentist (PDF - Free Download)


Book:  Your Health: An Owner's Manual by Brian Dickens, DO


Book:  Habits for a Healthy Life by Brian Dickens, DO


Books & Resources:


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